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Public trust in government is historically low.

Let’s change that.

17a is a new type of management consulting firm. We come from places like McKinsey, Palantir, JP Morgan Philanthropies, and venture-backed Healthcare startups. We share a common goal: improving the quality of government and social services.

17A believes that trust in government is something to be continuously built and earned, through strong service delivery.

Our Work
Who We Are

Our team is agile and flexible

We have a dynamic core team, and work with project-based team members to bring the best combination of expertise to what we do. Our team has varied skills from a range of industries and experiences, including management consulting, technology and analytics, and public service.

Four values unite us:
– Commitment to excellence in everything we do
– Focus on having fun along the way
– Energy to do whatever it takes to bring better services to life
– Deep desire to drive meaningful change, cultivated by the individual values that motivate each of us to be a part of the 17A family

We are based in Cincinnati and New York, with partners across the United States.

We work on projects in a team-based model – often blending 17A core team members and project-based team members. Project-based team members join our work for a limited period of time, to bring additional capabilities to our work and as a way to deepen their exposure to public-serving career opportunities in business.

The 17a Network

We are growing a new kind of professional network specifically focused on careers in public service delivery. Join it! We’ll keep you in the loop on opportunities to connect, learn, make a move and collaborate.

What We Do

We create public-serving solutions

We work across issues areas from healthcare and human services, to transit, to economic development, and more. Our work most closely resembles management consulting (think: Bain, BCG, McKinsey), with a flexible deliverable model tailored to the needs of each public-serving institution.

Our teams work side by side with our partners –government agencies and other public-serving organizations – to ensure that capabilities are built through our work that will make the outcomes durable and our teams obsolete.

We also focus on making this work more visible and traversable – by creating resources and other supports to make it easier for others to navigate a career or build a business focused on better public services. We are committed to creating more ways for people to do well by doing good.

How We Do It

Public service delivery problems are often complex, layered and rife with intricacies that are equal parts important and difficult to uncover.

Our teams blend expertise in traditional business strategy, analytics, rapid prototyping, regulatory research, administrative agency operations, and large scale transformation. 17A’s approach is to bring this menu of skills to each project, along with an ability to use it flexibly.

Our teams work to create solutions that are public-serving, novel, real and lasting.

Here’s how:
– Public-serving via systematic impact orientation
– Novel via creative problem-solving
– Real via tangible deliverables
– Lasting via partnership and capability building at every turn

We build our teams to blend the right professional expertise with creative energy and flexibility.