How We Work

17a is a public sector strategy firm, working to change the game for how top talent and the best tech tools get deployed to big public problems.


What We Do 

17a is a public sector strategy firm focused on changing the game for how top talent and the best new tools get deployed to the biggest public problems. We work directly with government agencies, big companies in public service delivery, and start ups bringing new models to the public problem solving space. Our teams combine classic management consulting tools with more out-of-the-box solution design techniques to create better programs and interventions.

17a is also growing the first professional network specifically focused on top talent in the public problem solving space.  Our team creates resources and other supports to make it easier to navigate a professional path in public problem solving and offers them to everyone for free.   

There is a popular perception that the private sector has a monopoly on the best ideas and that careers in public problem areas are not exciting.  17a is working to change that.


Past and Current Partners

How We Do It

We staff projects with strategy, technical and operational experts from our network.  Our staffing model is contractor-based. Team members join our projects on a full or part-time basis, often for 3-6 months.  Roles and travel vary based on project needs.

We have found that a contractor model enables us to staff teams perfectly matched for the work to be done -- and also that it enables better career pathing through the public problem solving ecosystem.  Short term opportunities with 17a give team members runway to start new businesses that tackle problems outside of traditional venture lanes, develop platforms for thought leadership, fill time in transition between often fragmented and discontinuous opportunities, and channel high value skills into impactful projects through more flexible work structures.

If you are interested in what we do, we want to talk to you.  Email Annie at with a few lines about your interest.