What We Do 

We are a boutique consultancy focused on improving public service delivery – using a combination of classic management consulting tools and more out-of-the-box solution design and development.

We regularly partner with groups who have the potential to improve public sector service delivery, including public sector agencies, technology/data science companies, large corporates and the investment community.


What our projects look like, by client-type:


Established Players
working in public service delivery

  • Strategy and Program Design, focused on improving the effectiveness and impact of groups that delivery public services - including government agencies and private players (e.g., owners of affordable housing, Medicaid managed care plans).

  • Change Management and Implementation support for new or newly designed service delivery models, often focused on capability building and planning to ensure the sustainable transformation of operations.


tackling public problems

  • Growth Strategy, to create new market entry strategies, 6-/12-/18-month operational plans or next-wave organizational processes. We work in an advisory capacity, in close partnership with start-up leadership teams.
  • Operational Support, as flex capacity to provide direct execution of start-up in the form pilot management, structuring and facilitation of new contracting arrangements, or the development of content needed for new market creation.

Work at the Ecosystem-level 

  • Partnership Design and Development, focused on creating novel structures for better forms of collaboration - often related to cross-sector cooperation or performance-based contracting.

  • Content Creation, to produce and curate resources that advance the development of the public problem solving ecosystem.


Past and Current Partners