Recovery + Community


Challenge 7: Jobs supports.


People in recovery often struggle to find work.  Finding stable employment is a key part of the recovery process.


Platforms to support workforce re-entry. Challenge teams should consider:

  • Integration with existing local workforce supports  
  • Mentoring component using from volunteers in the business community
  • Aggregating existing skills-based training from other sources
  • Functionality that educates employers
  • Ability to serve as a portal for employers to post opportunities for the recovery population, publicly or to recovery treatment programs

Challenge 8: Engaging volunteers.


There is no centralized place where people can go to volunteer or find volunteers to work against the opiate epidemic and its effects.



Example hacks might include:

  • A social network to connect volunteers to recovery groups that can use them (e.g., using volunteer profiles for their skills/availability)
  • Open-source platform to allow groups and individuals to post volunteer opportunities / come up with new ideas about how volunteers can help