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Relationship to 17a
Public Sector Research Intern

Michelle Zhang

What are you currently working on?
Writing an article summarizing the current state of mental health in incarcerated and surveilled populations, best practices for improving access and care, and trends in the space. 

What do you want to solve? How? Why?
The stigma and unapproachability of talking about one’s mental health struggles. Mental health, as a topic, makes many people uncomfortable even though the vast majority of people will struggle with or have a loved one struggle with mental health issues. And the pressure of covering up mental health issues in public can often exacerbate the problem for individuals. Mental health is heavily related to physical health, yet somehow we as a society treat these as two completely different topics. I think a large reason for this is the lack of prevalence or visibility of mental health professionals in communities. If we make going to a therapist or psychologist as common and accepted as going to see a doctor, we can begin to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health. 

What do you think everyone should google to learn more about?
Pete Buttigieg. What a guy.

What are you listening to? (eg. music, podcast)
I’ve been listening to Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me for years and the jokes are only getting funnier as I get older 

What are reading or what have you read recently that you love?
I just finished “The Inner Game of Tennis” by Timothy Gallwey 

What is your tagline for 2019?
My tagline for life is “don’t be upsetti eat a bowl of spaghetti”

Who is your biggest inspiration?
My mom (cliche)