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Advisor and former health innovation team member

RA Capital Management, LLC
Healthcare Entrepreneur


Lee Cooper

What are you currently working on?
Building a new company dedicated to giving all people the best chance at having a healthy baby.

What do you want to solve? How? Why?
I want family planning to enter the 21st century -- it should be easy and affordable for everyone to integrate genetics and fertility information into their planning for a family.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you while pursuing work?
To understand current technologies, I have downloaded several apps related to fertility and pregnancy, and it is funny when someone sees them on my phone, because they are all designed for women.

What would you do if you had absolute power?
Make teaching, at all levels, the most prestigious profession.

What do you believe that no one else does?
Everyone should go to church or temple or some house of prayer or contemplation, even if they are atheist or not religious.

What do you think everyone should google to learn more about?
The founding of America and our political system.

What is the coolest thing you've learned in 2018?
Some human neuronal signaling may come from ancient viruses that integrated into our genome through evolution.

What are you listening to?
Chance the Rapper and the Mozart in the Jungle soundtrack.