Relationship to 17a
Public Sector Research Intern

Jessica Gebhard

What are you currently working on?
A summer internship with 17a understanding tactical ways to close the opportunity gap! But more broadly, Iā€™m working toward graduating from college and getting my degree.

What is your tagline for 2018?
The only time I set the bar low is for limbo.

What do you want to solve? How? Why?
The opportunity gap in the United States today. 

What do you think everyone should google to learn more about?
Linguistics, and specifically Universal Grammar as a concept! Language is such a cool and important part of being human.

What are you listening to?

What are reading or what have you read recently that you love?

What new innovation or org have you heard about working in this space that excites you?

What's your secret talent no one knows about?
Making the best distracting noise at a basketball game when the other team is making a free throw.