Cincinnati Hacking Heroin


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A hackathon for better prevention, response and recovery tools to fight the opiate epidemic


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Hacking Heroin is hosted by:

Challenges for hackers

We got feedback from local groups on the front lines of the heroin crisis to develop "bite-size" challenges for the weekend.  For specific challenge details, click the part of the problem that interests you.

Additional background information on addiction is available here.



June 10-11


Like the photography on our site? Check out Cincy Rooted! 

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Made possible by the Hacking Heroin Corporate Sponsors

In September 2017, 3 winning teams will have the opportunity to present to leaders in Microsoft's Technology & Civic Innovation as well as to Cincinnati City Council's Education & Entrepreneurship Committee.  

From June to September, each of the 3 winning teams will get support to de-risk their models and test them quickly, including:

  • Cash prizes from our corporate sponsors

    • $2,000 for First Place

    • $500 for Most Community Impact

    • $500 for Crowd Favorite

  • Technical tools

    • A Microsoft Developer Network subscription

    • $750/month of Microsoft Azure credit

  • Mentorship and business support

    • Space and support from Spry Labs 

    • Mentors from the tech + recovery communities 

  • Introductions to potential first customers, pilot partners and funders

Note: cash and technical tools awarded regardless of follow on commitment; other support will be provided to winning teams contingent on continued commitment beyond the weekend.

Thank you to all of the Hacking Heroin Community Sponsors who have made the weekend possible with their generous in-kind support.








Like the photography on our site? Check out Cincy Rooted! 

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Why hack heroin? 

The opioid epidemic is overwhelming. It can feel so big and hard to tackle that it is hard to know where to start - the hackathon is about finding areas to make a dent in the problem quickly. 

With a problem this hard, we need to bring more groups to the table and find ways to use new skills to build better solutions.  The hackathon is about bringing together the collective experiences of those struggling with addiction and their families, public safety and city officials, the addiction response and recovery communities, and leaders in  technology and entrepreneurship.

We need meaningful tools to help fight the opioid crisis in Cincinnati. We will not solve this problem in a weekend, but we can bring new groups to the table to make a dent in it and build momentum for teams to work on building out and scaling the winning ideas long after the weekend is over.