Hacker FAQ

What are the basics?

  • Number of hacking hours: 24 hours (challenges pitched at 11am Saturday, submissions due 11am Sunday)
  • Number of people per team: ideally 4-5
  • Cost of attendance: none!
  • Location:
    • The Hackathon is at Union Hall (1311 Vine Street).  
    • Note that Friday Welcome Drinks are at Graydon Head's OTR location (1421 Main Street).
  • Parking: parking is not provided.  There are several lots and garages along Vine Street, as well as access to public transportation.
  • Number of meals: 5 + snacks; we'll have you covered for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Saturday and Breakfast/Lunch/Drinks Sunday...plus all the snacks between.

Do I need to come with a team?  

No - though you are more than welcome to register with friends!  

We have time built into the weekend for hackers to form teams or add to their existing teams. We'll also have mentors from the recovery community and with more general business backgrounds working across teams throughout the event. 

Do I need to do anything in advance, like pick a challenge to work on or start working before Saturday?  

No - you do not need need to do anything before you show up at Union Hall.  We posted data for those who might want to take a look in advance -- you don't have to be one of those people.  

To help you choose what to work on, we have time built into the schedule for hackers to learn more about each challenge and decide which one they want to work on.

How is intellectual property handled at the event?

All the intellectual property developed for the hackathon belongs to the participants that develop it.  

Can we stay up all night on Saturday?

Sure - but note that Union Hall will only be open for teams until midnight on Saturday. The building will re-open at 8am Sunday for final work prior to the 11am submission deadline.

You are obviously more than welcome to work from midnight to 8am at a different location.

What resources will hackers have throughout the weekend?

Union Hall has a ton of space, outlets for every man/woman/child at Hacking Heroin and great wifi.  

We'll have codes for each team to access GitHub, Amazon Web Services and a range of Microsoft tools. 

Participants will also have access to a ton of snacks, drinks and food donated from a great set of local supporters who want to keep you caffeinated and well fed.

Is it cool that I've never been to a hackathon before?  

Very cool.  The weekend is about building lasting, viable tools to have impact in Cincinnati - and potentially beyond.  We need people from across healthcare, recovery, entrepreneurship and tech to hack the challenges.