Work With Us

17a is a boutique strategy firm focused on improving public service delivery – we are working to change the game for how top talent and the best tech tools get deployed to big public problems.

We are looking for summer interns to develop a novel perspective and set of resources related to a specific public service delivery issue that interests them (e.g., integration across city and state level child welfare programs, technical innovation in the justice system, etc.).



Paid Summer Opportunities with 17a, Public Sector Strategy Firm

Interns will

  • Develop content, using the 17a's tools for effective research
  • Design resources for broad consumption, with the support of the 17a team
  • Develop a perspective on the best path forward to turn the work into meaningful impact on the public problem ecosystem  -- e.g., could include planning convening, developing partnerships or scoping projects that will impact the issue in a novel and important way
    • Note: topics can be issue-focused (e.g., foster system, workforce development) or can deal with the general structure / function of public services (e.g. transforming city procurement, professionalizing tri-sector careers).

Summer location flexible.  We are looking for candidates that are excited about the work we do, and who have generalist or digital backgrounds.  Part of the interview process will involve crafting projects based on skill set and interest areas of the candidate.

Please reach out directly to Annie Rittgers, founder of 17a and Harvard JD/MBA alum, at


About 17a

17a is a boutique consultancy focused on improving public service delivery – using a combination of classic management consulting tools and more out-of-the-box solution design and development. We regularly partner with groups who have the potential to improve public sector service delivery, including public sector agencies, technology/data science companies, large corporates and the investment community. More information about 17a can be found at their website here.


Hacking Heroin Cooperative – An Example of 17a’s Recent Work

The Hacking Heroin Cooperative is a sponsored innovation fund launched by 17a, to incubate and rapidly deploy technology solutions that will close gaps in the existing service delivery system of addiction prevention, response, and recovery. The Cooperative is funded by 3 large health systems and 6 major addiction treatment providers in Ohio and Kentucky. National partners include Microsoft, HHS, Appriss, and RRE Ventures, and more. The Cooperative is built to overcome barriers that prevent innovation in this space to produce tangible wins quickly through a “cooperative” model with providers as a strategic core. The Cooperative is structured as a non-profit incubator that does not take equity and instead coordinates investment in developing and deploying tech with health system and treatment providers. More information about Hacking Heroin can be found here.