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17a is looking to fill a leadership role in behavioral health innovation.

Strong preference for candidates with demonstrated ability to think strategically about novel problems, build strong relationships with diverse groups of stakeholders, and a dedication to moving fast to make a dent in the opiate epidemic / gaps in addiction services more broadly.



Principal, Behavioral Health Innovation Fund for Hacking Heroin

We are seeking candidates with an MBA skill set, an interest in rapid innovation and a proven ability to execute across many different types of partners to join Hacking Heroin as a Principal for the initiative's Behavioral Health Innovation Fund. The role will include serving as the Executive Director of the Hacking Heroin Cooperative, a sponsored innovation fund. Interested candidates should send a resume to Annie Rittgers at

The Principal will be responsible for driving the investment agenda for early-stage, non-dilutive investments in addiction services, developing and managing local and national partnerships, and ensuring successful execution of pilots with providers.  They will also be responsible for shaping the thought leadership agenda to share insights, call others to action and scale the model for sponsored innovation.

The Principal will have heavy interaction with CEOs of major health systems/treatment providers, leaders in behavioral health technology companies and groups like the data team at the Federal Department of Health and Human Services.


More about the Hacking Heroin Behavioral Health Innovation Fund

Last year, more Americans died of drug overdoses than died in the entire Vietnam War. The opiate epidemic is a national crisis, creating urgency for fast-to-deploy solutions to delivery problems that have plagued the addiction services market for decades.

Hacking Heroin has created a sponsored innovation fund, the Hacking Heroin Cooperative, specifically structured to overcome the barriers that traditionally hamper innovation in addiction services.

The Cooperative is funded by 3 major health systems and 6 major treatment providers in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky.  It will focus on funding pilots for tools that have the potential to scale at a national level - using Cincinnati as a regional "lab".  The Cooperative has support from several other public, strategic and investment partners at the national level.  Details on the model are here.

This is totally new model for innovation in addiction services at a time when it is needed more than ever.


More about Hacking Heroin

Hacking Heroin is a non-profit initiative focused on ripping down the barriers that traditionally stunt the development and deployment of new, great technologies in the addiction services space. Hacking Heroin was launched by 17a, a boutique consultancy focused on novel approaches to improving public service delivery.  More information is at