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We believe that deploying passionate and creative problem solvers to today’s toughest public problems is the best way to improve the services that allow communities and government to thrive.




Support the development of a new model for patient-centered care

You will lead the development of 17a’s people strategy and build out the people management function of our business. You will be responsible for working directly with 17a leadership and strategic partners to design and build a recruiting, staffing and career development function that enables us to achieve that goal.  

Program design

You will engage on a variety of topics in a number of different ways, working with different teams toward individual project goals and helping build out 17a's expertise in a number of public service realms. Specific responsibilities are highly variable and dependent on your skills and interests, but on every project, you will be responsible for working directly with 17a leadership, contractors, and clients to achieve project goals.

City Strategy

You will join a city government project focused on developing a cross-agency strategy focused on equity and sustainability. You will engage stakeholders from a range of city departments, sizing the impact of potential initiatives with analytical rigor, and thinking creatively about program design elements that will best meet city-wide needs.

Graphic Designer

As our designer, you’ll play a key role in creative development — from ideas to execution. provides on-site web design and graphic design services to deliver cohesive, consistent, quality work

Senior Manager

You will work closely with leadership of a state medicaid team and other partners, on the expansion of a new patient-centered program. Core responsibilities include capability building, change management and overall day to day project leadership.