we work for better public service delivery 

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Who we are

What we do

17a is a public sector strategy firm. We regularly partner with groups who have the potential to improve public sector service delivery, including state agencies, technology/data science companies, and the investment community. Our primary focus is on the intersection of data/analytics and strategy, program design, and operational change. 

Our teams

17a builds agile, highly specialized teams for each project we do.  Our team members are recruited from our active network of top strategy, operational and technical talent and share our passion for better public sector service delivery. We are also starting to build out our full time core team, to complement our contractor model - more details here.

The 17a model is designed around the future of work and our belief in the potential to remake public sector service delivery with highly talented teams who share our vision.

how we started

We saw enormous opportunity to bring top talent and best-in-class tools to public problems - and we absolutely love the work. So, that's what we do.

Annie Rittgers founded 17a in 2014. She is an expert in strategy, regulatory design and change management in the public sector. Before 17a, Annie served public and private sector clients at McKinsey & Company. She started her career in finance.  Annie is a member of the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers.  She holds a JD/MBA from Harvard University and a BA from Dartmouth College.

17a gets its name from the fact that Ohio was the seventeenth state admitted to the union.



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